If your cryptocurrency has been stolen, our tracing services increase the chances of successful recovery. Whether investigating financial crime or tracing assets, Fairlight Services can identify transactions and trace assets worldwide by using advanced tools to follow money trails on the blockchain. If you have been the victim of crypto fraud, a hack or theft, we can trace your assets, provide evidence, and take legal action. Fairlight Services specializes in thorough investigations of cryptocurrency fraud and theft, providing peace of mind to investors, businesses, government agencies, financial advisors and law firms.

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Law enforcement assistance and legal support

We offer a wide range of cryptocurrency-related services, including research, tracing and forensic investigations and case support. We prepare comprehensive investigative reports and assist law enforcement agencies in obtaining suspect information through requests or subpoenas specifically aimed at recovering funds. We have answers for the following questions: How and which authority to contact as a victim? What technical and other pieces of information should you provide to the authorities? What response can you expect, and how to handle it?

Sophisticated blockchain analytics

One crucial aspect of our service is to conduct a technical transaction analysis that illustrates the flow of funds, creating an opportunity for their recovery. This proves to be a significant aid for law enforcement authorities. All information necessary for the investigative authorities to have a chance of locating the crypto-assets will be provided. We use state-of-the-art blockchain analytics tools to track more than 800 cryptocurrencies on the blockchain.

Real-time monitoring

We track the path of money in real-time, meaning that technical transaction analysis is not static. If the money moves further, we immediately inform the investigative authorities. This provides an opportunity for action and money recovery even years later.

Global expertise in the search for cryptocurrencies

We have excellent track record and experience in tracking&tracing cryptocurrency fraud on a global scale. We owe this expertise not only to our highly skilled analysts and researchers, but also to our solid connections with international partners around the world.


Certification 1
Crypto Investigator Certification

by Merkle Science

Certification 2
Mastering Crypto Investigative Strategies

by Merkle Science

Certification 3
Reactor Certification

by Chainalysis

Certification 4
Offensive Security Certified Professional

by Offensive Security

Why us?

We are experts in our field

We have highly skilled cybersecurity and blockchain investigators who specialize exclusively in cryptocurrency fraud investigation and crypto wallet tracking. We have extensive expertise and experience in various aspects of cybersecurity and strive to provide the best quality of service possible.

We are strategic partners with
Merkle Science

Merkle Science is an industry leading Predictive Web3 Risk & Intelligence Platform. Their technology will set the standard for the next generation of financial safeguards and criminal detection.

  • Nothing is hidden from us

    Our investigators are known for their skills in analyzing crypto fraud. We have mastered the art of identifying money trails and fraudsters with unmatched efficiency, meeting the exacting requirements of courts and law enforcement agencies.

  • Always one step ahead of cyber criminals

    We are constantly innovating to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and provide our customers with first-class services. We use advanced intelligence and blockchain analytics tools to track over 800 cryptocurrencies on the blockchain. This arsenal, combined with our proprietary investigative techniques, ensures that our cryptocurrency investigation approach remains second to none.

  • Satisfied clients, proven track record, high success rate

    Fairlight Services has successfully assisted both companies and private individuals in the investigation of cyber fraud. We have helped recover stolen cryptocurrency worth millions of dollars for clients who got scammed just like you. Each case we had in past refined our approach, making us the go-to experts in the field.

  • Reliable partner for law enforcement agencies

    Our commitment to thoroughness and accuracy has earned us the respect and cooperation of law enforcement agencies. They value our cryptocurrency investigative reports because we provide them with actionable and critical intelligence that enables them to move forward with their cases with confidence.

  • Cryptocurrency Intelligence Report

    Our reports are more than just reports! They are a comprehensive analysis of our cases. From tracing complex transaction paths to identifying fraudsters, our report offers a 360-degree view and is delivered in the shortest possible time.

  • Friendly team

    Our team of cyber security experts are friendly, helpful and easy to talk to. We are happy to advise you on many aspects of cyber security and cyber investigation procedures.

  • Tailor-made strategy

    Because we know that no two cases are the same, our specialists conduct in-depth consultations to understand your unique situation. This allows us to customize our cryptocurrency investigation strategy and ensure that our recommendations are both relevant and effective.

  • Secure and reliable

    Regardless of scale and complexity, we conduct every cryptocurrency investigation with absolute discretion and are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of our clients. To protect your privacy, we employ robust encryption measures for all personal data and consistently refrains from sharing case details without explicit consent.

Our Team

We are here to help

Fairlight's exceptional team provides industry-leading services and advice, navigating clients to optimal solutions. Our commitment to lasting relationships is based on mutual trust, respect and a track record of delivering impactful results.


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